Hook, Line, and Stinker

I got on the millennium line on granville station during a very rushing hour with my ears plugged. I was standing right toward the door and holding the bar handle by the door. I felt being quite squished from the back but i thought its just a typical rush hour train and it was winter, we all puffed up with clothes. Then i realized someone whose hand was also on the bar had been trying to touch my hand, and I  looked at the reflection on the window, there was an old/middle age man with fishing hat had enclosed me on the wall with his arms, and his face was almost on my neck. I turned the other way and tried to moved out of his blockage, but it was too crowded to move to much farther. Then his whole body leaned on my back, and I felt some sort rod-like object was poking around my thighs area. I was too terrified and embarrassed to make noise.. so I got off 2 stops after.


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