Leave My Feet Alone

On my way home from Burnaby, on the Arbutus bus. I was in a window seat near the back door. A guy sat down next to me and started talking to me – friendly and non-threatening right up until the conversation took a really bizarre turn. I was wearing sandals, even though it was Fall and raining. I have my legs crossed and one of my feet is clearly visible. He says my feet must be cold and reaches over to touch my foot. I jerk it away, put it right down on the floor and tucked both feet under the seat. He backed right off, thankfully, and offered me his socks. I told him I had homework to do and took out my netbook (which I usually never do on transit because I didn’t want to get robbed but I didn’t have any of my books with me and I did have an essay to finish). He didn’t bother me after that, though he stayed in the seat next to me. I’m not convinced he was a threat but I still got off a couple of stops later and waited for the next bus rather than have him potentially follow me home.


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