Snippets (f/no age given)

When I was a teenager at the bus stop by myself, a man pulled up in his car and started masturbating in front of me, when he was me on the phone, he sped off.
Less than a year ago I sat on a bus only to have a man sitting near me reach over and start touching my leg. I was afraid of him so the bus driver let me stay on the bus so that I could wait for a cab.
At the Newton Exchange bus stop as a teenager a bunch of men got off the bus, one of them walked towards me, pulled his dick out and started peeing in my direction.
Another time as a teenager, I was approaching the exit door only to have a man walk up behind me and whisper in my ear that I was “very pretty.” It scared the hell out of me and luckily I saw a guy friend when I got off the bus.

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