“Sorry” – Case of Insincerity

I have been sexually assaulted on the bus 2x (same) and saw the offender on the bus 2 other times after that, and reported 3x to the police, one to transit with no avail. The first time it happened, he sat behind me and slipped his hand between the chair and wall and touched my breast. I screamed, asked him what the hell he was doing, he said sorry and got off bus. No one helped me, I reported to the police, they told me to tell driver next time. The next time it happened, I told the bus driver and he said he couldn’t do anything. The next time I saw the creep, on the same bus from ubc to downtown, he sat behind a woman (I was in the very back) and put his jacket on his lap and lend forward. I stood up and told him to “get the f$&k off the bus” and he did, coward. I got off called the police, again they told me there was nothing they could do.
It was 12 yrs ago

He was about 5’7
240 lbs, white, sweat pants, and carried a long coat
Round face and wore sunglasses


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