Punches and Hunches (30/F)

Story 1.
I was at the Sperling Skytrain with my roommate early one evening and we noticed a rather large Native male in the bus loop. He flicked his roach away (he had just finished smoking pot) and walked up to a group of older Asian ladies and started screaming at them to “go back home” and to “shove their umbrellas up their c***ts.”, calling them racial names. He was circling then and he got right into their faces screaming at them and was obviously terrifying them. I couldn’t just watch so I made my way over to a bus waiting at a stop across the loop and he realized that I was going to report him so he raced up to me and got in my face calling me a “dumb bitch”, “c***t”, telling me he could “rape me right here if he wanted to” which completely terrified me. I gathered all the courage I could muster and when I told him that I wasn’t afraid of him he punched me hard in my shoulder. The bus driver opened his doors to let myself and my roommate in and closed the doors and kept the bus there until the police arrived. The man was hitting and kicking the bus yelling at me to come out and even started threatening the driver. Thankfully the bus driver and passengers were kind and didn’t mind waiting for the police to show up.

Story 2
I was on my way home late one evening (around midnight). I was seated at the back of the bus and minding my own business reading my book. A dark coloured younger guy got on the bus and sat at the back ascross from me. He picked up a water bottle that someone before him had discarded, and while staring at me whipped out his penis and inserted it into the bottle and pissed into it. He threw it out the window and began jiggling in his pants, I looked across again and saw him masturbating. I got up this time and moved to the front of the bus close to the driver and when the guy got off the bus, I told the driver what happened and he told me that I should have let him know what was going on so he could have done something about it. Like many of the other stories, my thinking was “well if he’s that bold to do that, then what else is he capable of?”.

Story 3
This isnt my story but I wanted to put in here that we really should speak up to the drivers/security more. My stepdad is a driver and while out shopping with him one day a lady ran up to him thanking him for saving her. Appearently, she was being harassed on his bus one night, and when she got up to get off his bus, the harasser got off too trying to follow her home. My stepdad parked the bus and walked with her until she felt safe enough on her own.

Other than these stories I, myself have been subject to unwanted touching/advances/close sitters/and other things but haven’t spoken up because I think I’m being too paranoid. Since my first story, I am a little apprehensive to speak up because I don’t want to be violently punched again, I had a bruise for weeks for speaking up for myself and others. Reading other stories, I realize I am not the only one who has been harassed or have had these things happen to them, I feel encouraged to say something now, regardless of what may happen.

thank you for your project… it really brings light to a subject that really needs to have some awareness.


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