(Wed)locked into Conversation

This happened about a year ago. I was riding the skytrain home with a young coworker late one night. A man got on who was very drunk and sat down next to a lady who seemed to be in her mid to late forties. He began talking to her, about how he had multiple wives and they took care of him, and a whole babble of random bullshit. You could tell that this woman was just being polite when she responded to him.

At one point he suddenly leaned in and began talking very close to her face. I gotta give this lady props, she put her hand out and very forcefully said, “That is too close! Move back.” He seemed surprised by her reaction and complied.
I was sitting there watching the whole time, glaring at him because I didn’t like the way he was acting, it was making me uncomfortable, but it seemed as though she was handling herself so I just sat there aware of what was going on in case she needed help.

The man suddenly looked over at me, with my phone, and started demanding to use it. When I told him no, he wasn’t allowed to use my phone. He suddenly starting yelling at me. “You stupid fucking bitch!” I felt like I had been slapped in the face. I wish I had some witty remark back, like “I’m sorry for all those wives you have because you’re fucking foul man” …. but I didn’t, I just sat there shocked.


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