All Dressed Up/Nowhere To Go

About a year ago I was taking the 99 B-line to my work at around 10 in the morning, I worked on main at the time. On this morning I decided to sit at the far back seat so I could look out the window as I traveled, but at about Granville (I think) two loud and obviously drunk men in their mid or late 20’s got on and stood in the isle, anyone knows that if people get on the bus like this and you make eye contact with them you are usually the person they will target, anyways this slipped my mind and for a split second one made eye contact with me and the next thing i new they were sitting next to me. I immediately began to regret taking the back window seat as i would now have to squeeze past these idiots before being able to get off. Admittedly I have an unusual fashion sense and have been teased about it for years by people like this and that day was no exception. These two started in asking “why you so dressed up?” and such questions which I tried to be as polite in answering as much as dismissive, I did not want to talk to them. After a short time I decided I had had enough and tried to get up, but they didn’t make it easy, as soon as i was standing they got more aggressive, “Look at this dressed up piece of shit like some sort of brokeback mountain fag”, at this point one of the guys threw a box at my back but I refused to turn around and participate. I turned to one woman on the bus who was trying to let them know what idiots they were and I let her know this is a regular thing for me and it happens more than one might think. luckily I didn’t turn around with the motivation of beating the worthless snot out of these punks as this would have only made things worse, instead I calmly left the bus after briefly turning to bid them a good life being douches. Thanks to this event I was so shaken when I got to work my boss confused my withdrawn and upset condition with some sort of spite towards her and I was fired. This story isn’t as dramatic or nearly as important as some of the other stories I have read but it played a very pivotal part in my life and i have never been able fully relax on the bus since.


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