Boozy Breast Grabber

I was 17 (31 now) & a happy first time mother. My mother had taken my son so my fiance & I could watch a movie or two. On our way back on the 169 we snagged the last 2 seats on a packed bus at the back, next to a man who reaked of alcohol. He started hitting on, to which I declined & cuddled closer to my fiance. He then started trying to touch my breasts & croch but I quickly covered them up, preventing him from doing so. I became flustered, my fiance restrained him, & I went to the bus driver to complain. The driver notified the police, who came & took a statement. I told them I wanted to press charges. They said no, because he was drunk & on his way to pick up his child as well, and that they would merely put him in the drunk tank. I know hold to my belief if that ever happens again I’m whipping out my bottle of perfume & hosing anyone down who thinks they have the right.


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