Liquored Up Louts

This happened a few years ago, when I was about 20. I was on the #20 bus around 11 or so at night heading from Commercial Drive downtown to my boyfriend’s place. I sat in one of the single seats toward the front of the bus. There were two men, probably in their 40s and almost certainly intoxicated, sitting in the two single seats in front of me. As I sat listening to my IPod and looking out the window, I noticed the man in front of me was turned around and staring at me. He started to lean further over the back of the seat. I heard his friend in front of him ask him what he was doing, and he replied “I’m just looking at this beautiful woman here”. As he kept staring and leaning (and reeking of alcohol), I got uncomfortable, so when the bus stopped at a light, I got up and moved to a double seat on the other side of the bus. As I did, I briefly made eye contact with another young woman sitting in front of that seat. When I sat down, I sat sideways with my feet up on the aisle seat so that the man who had been bothering me couldn’t try to sit with me.

Buuuuut he did anyway. He came over and basically sat on my feet while leaning over into me and mumbling something at me. I tried to shove him away with my arm and told him “you don’t get to sit here”. At the same time, the woman sitting in front of me who had made eye contact with me earlier, turned around and loudly told him to leave me alone. Within about 5 seconds, the bus driver had the bus pulled over and was on his feet telling both men they had to get off the bus.

My story contrasts with many of the others here in that another passenger and the bus driver did step in and get involved. Unfortunately, that may not be the norm, but I wanted to share as I thought it might be (somewhat) heartening to know that it sometimes does happen…


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