Escalator Perpetrator

I was on my way to work with my mother, whose route was the same as mine right up until Waterfront Station. We took the escalator to the street at Waterfront and about halfway up I felt something right between my buttocks. I tried to glance back while talking to my mom but it was very crowded and I tried telling myself it was just someone’s bag or something but at the top of the escalator I turned around and my fears were confirmed, it was a middle-aged man. He was a white man, unshaven and ill-groomed with brown hair, and was wearing a white t-shirt, khakis, and dress shoes.  He looked ashamed as he turned and quickly walked away, getting lost in the crowd after having strategically placed himself on that escalator.

I told my mom about right away it because she’d picked up on how uncomfortable I was but I haven’t said anything to anyone else since up  until now.


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