Excusing it Away

I was on the 20 on commercial going downtown, and the bus was packed. I was trying to get off the bus when an older man slid his hand across my ass in a way that was obviously not by accident. I screamed loudly “Don’t touch my ass!” and then “This guy just fucking touched my ass!” then some people looked concerned but no one said anything to me or the man. I could hear a man sitting said to the woman next to him “Did he actually just…” and the woman interrupted said to him “No he was just trying to be nice.” I remained silent in shock and fear but stayed on the bus in hopes that someone would do something or maybe I could do something, but then just decided to get off the next stop after screaming “You old disgusting old man! don’t fucking touch me like that again!” “He actually did touch my ass!” I got off the bus then and cried in a coffee shop and called a friend. This was last winter.


One thought on “Excusing it Away

  1. I think what is worse than the actual event (guy grabbing buttocks) is the knowledge that the surrounding public will not help you, for fear of ruining their own stability/complicating their route to work or wherever the hell they are silently going.

    We need to organize.

    I am really grateful to the people/publicly engaged students who created this website.

    There are many delusions out there, one being it is not OK to become vulnerable in public.

    We all need to be immediately speaking out when these moments happen. There is an extremely repressed class/group of people out there who are looking to do some emotional damage in attempts to objectify strangers.

    A stranger can be easily morphed into an object and it is no coincidence that these strangers are women most of the time.

    In Canada, women are less important to protect than men.

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