Yelling Bloody Murder

It happened 17 years ago but the thought of it still sends chills down my spine. I was living in east Van and was 9 months pregnant. I got on a bus at east Hastings and Nanaimo with my destination being a doctor’s appointment at Seymour clinic on west 7th. It was mid afternoon and I was seated in the first forward facing seat behind the driver. Five stops after I got on a very tall, large built man in his 40’s got on the bus alone, carrying what looked like long thin bamboo sticks, the kind used to stake plants. Like most people do I look at who is getting on the bus and happened to make eye contact with this guy. He went down and stood by the rear door. The bus at this point was standing room only. This guy begins to talk to no one in particular but as his voice starts to rise I hear comments like, ” You fucking whore over there, how would you like it if I came over there and beat you to death.” “You’re nothing but a filthy cunt, I going to kill you.” Now he’s yelling and everyone is silent. I turn to look and he points at me and says, “Yes you bitch.” I am scared out of my mind!!! A woman sitting next to me asks if he is someone I know and I tell her I have never seen this guy in my life and what the hell is going on. She told me to stay on the bus and not to get off until we get downtown then to get off in a crowded area. I knew there was no way I would get off the bus along with this jerk. The threats and verbal assaults continued all the way downtown and were escalating. Now he was threatening to stomp me to death right there on the bus. The woman sitting with me went to the driver and told him to all the police but he ignored her request. I couldn’t stay on the bus any longer, I was certain he was going to kill me. At Robson and Granville ALOT of people got off the bus through the back doors, I got up and flew out the front door and ran into Eaton’s. I ran through the store like a crazy person checking to make sure he wasn’t coming after me. I called the police who told me I had to call BC Transit. Yep. I called BC Transit relating what happened and they said there really wasn’t anything they could do but gee they sure were sorry for what happened. No one came to my defence, not the driver or any of the dozens of passengers accept for that one woman who tried her best to help me. I can in a way understand someone not stepping in when someone is that bent on hurting someone but I really wish that humans would collectively band together in these situations and together restrain these pieces of shit that wreak havoc on innocent people. I no longer ride transit but my heart goes out to all the woman who face assult and abuse from these low life bottom feeders. Stay strong, stay safe and it is never ever your fault.


2 thoughts on “Yelling Bloody Murder

  1. What the heck is wrong with Transit employees, someone was threatened to the extent their Life was at risk and the bus driver didnt budge? Agree, public is shit scared in their own. Driver had the right to stop the bus and kick the moron out. And Transit Authorities ‘felt sorry’??

  2. This is crazy! I think more than one person needs to intervene for SURE, then there is more demand for justice. This way the driver is pressured to stop the bus or do something. Transit transit translink(NODS HEAD LEFT AND RIGHT IN DISSAPROVAL)

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