Yet Another Uniform Ogler (f/under 18)

This dates back to 15-16 years ago. I attended a Catholic high school that still had a dress code that included uniforms. The attire consisted of a chaste navy blue skirt and a white blouse, but apparently that was still enough to instill creepy thoughts in some. Me and three of my classmates would take a public bus home and for about two months in our sophomore year, a middle-aged man (he must have been around 40-45 years old) would periodically join us at the bus stop, only he would never actually get on the bus. He would just leer at us with a lewd expression on his face and – I only realized this later – speak obscene language at us in Spanish.

This lasted until the four of us got so creeped out that we informed the school and we were briefly accompanied by a member of staff who eventually told the man to cease and desist, which he thankfully did.


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