There’s The Rub

Taking the 99 B-Line can get insanely stuffy during certain times of the day, so I’m used to the sardines in can situation. Most of the time people try not to get into everyone’s bubble, but instead try to keep to themselves. I was sitting down along the aisle and as the bus filled a man stood to my right as i was sitting. As i was sitting, i felt something nudging against my arm. I thought it may have been someones backpack or something so i looked around and it stopped. But, when i didn’t look around this nudging kept continuing, and every time i looked behind me or around it stopped.  However, as the 99 B-Line somewhat emptied out at the Cambie/Broadway area, there was enough room for everyone to stand comfortably without touching anyone else. For some reason, i started feeling uncomfortable with the man who had been standing beside me since i got on the bus from Granville. This eastern European man, a little on the heavy side, about 5’6 -5’8, olive skin around his late 30’s early 40’s maybe, curly dark hair looked down at me and smiled. I started feeling this nudging going in motions now. And that’s when i figured it out. This guy seriously had a boner and had been rubbing his thing on my arm when i wasn’t looking. I felt so disgusted, shocked and gross so i stood up and got off the next stop. I should have told people around me, but i was so disgusted I really didn’t know what to do at the moment.


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