Filthy Mouthed Toad (F/50s)

This happened several years ago, probably on the 99B-line, the #9 Broadway or maybe the #20. I sat in one of the single seats on the side of the bus behind the driver, round about the middle of the bus. I noticed a dirty, dishevelled looking old man in the seat right behind me. For several minutes, his muttering went on in the background of my awareness. Then I realized he was talking to me, using the lewdest language possible to describe me sexually. I was shocked and indignant. I jumped up, ran to the bus driver, and repeated in a very loud voice the things that toad had been saying to me. If I had to hear that filth when I’d just been minding my own business, then I was going to make sure everyone heard it. Some passengers glared at me (as if I was at fault?!) I didn’t care. I didn’t feel at all ashamed or at fault. And I think loudly broadcasting his filth helped me to let it go. All the bus driver did was tell me to sit in a seat close by him.

About 15 years ago, while I was waiting for a bus at Broadway and MacDonald, an old man sat down on the bench at the stop, took his penis out, and started jerking off. He had a huge umbrella strategically placed so the people driving by couldn’t see what he was doing. But I had full view. It left me feeling dirty.


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