Ironic ‘Courtesy Seat’ Experience

Interesting project you’re doing. I’m a bit old (50s) for come-ons, but I do have one story for you:
I was headed home west along Hastings one evening when just past Main, a disheveled youngish man got the bus with a pass. Despite the sparsely populated bus, he decided to sit right beside me in the “courtesy seats” (I was using a cane for my arthritic knee). He started telling me about something that obviously upset him, but only parts of it were comprehensible.
I decided not to engage him and did my best ignore his attention, but he became more aggressive. A block before my stop, he pointed at me and hissed “I’ll kill ya! I’ll kill ya!” I’ll admit I was unconvinced that he was capable of doing so, but that was enough and I got up and stepped toward the bus’s front door. As we slowed to my stop, I told the driver that the man behind us was threatening to kill me and he might want to keep an eye on him. The driver was suitably shocked, but seeing as I was leaving, I doubt he called security. How the rest of the trip went, I have no idea!
I can’t say that I was exactly fearful of this creep, as I’m close to six feet tall and had a metal cane in my hand! But it was obvious to me that he chose a woman to impose himself upon, knowing well that a male target could quite possibly throw him off the bus or even hit him.
Overall, I find bus riders friendly, and I have enjoyed many a humorous or interesting conversation with both men and women. And I do sympathize with drivers who have to make the call as to whether to let an intoxicated or ill person board if they seem aggressive.

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