Bathroom Make-A-Break-For-It

One time I was coming home on the Skytrain with a new book, listening to music. This guy comes right over and sits beside me and starts talking to me as though I was looking forlornly out the window. Now, being then of the opinion that men weren’t about to find me attractive, I thought nothing of it and had a conversation with him in my very demure then-hickish way. It was harmless in my mind until he started asking if I had a boyfriend. THAT made me uncomfortable, but when I made to get off, he followed me. I went for the elevator, thinking he might opt for the stairs, but he didn’t. So, I went for the escalator. And all the while he’s asking me about my phone number and my ADDRESS! I refused his advanced, and he wanted to know why. I was out of my mind with fear: How was I going to get this guy away from me? So, I did the only thing I could think of: I dawdled. Eventually, he went to McDonald’s to use the bathroom, and I walked away as fast as I could.


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