Handsy and Footsies

I was on the #8 Fraser today when a put together older Italian man in a yellow & grey sport jacket started harassing the women on the bus. The first thing I noticed him do was trip a girl purposefully while she was walking past, then try to grab her & apologize. Next he started trying to play footsie with me from across the isle of the bus, I moved my feet away & shot him a look & he stopped. What happened next was the worst of it & it wasn’t directed at me. He started staring too hard & leaning too close to a girl (probably in her mid twenties) making her uncomfortable enough to get up and move. When she did, he reached out & grabbed her ass, which is when me & another young guy on the bus intervened. We had a tense verbal exchange in which he told me to shut the f-ck up & mind my own business, as well as calling me a stupid b-tch. He told me that I shouldn’t be mad at him because the woman he grabbed at hadn’t said anything. I told him that just because she hasn’t said anything, sure as hell didn’t mean that she wanted to be touched by him & that he never has the right to grab a stranger in a sexual way as they try to move past him. He kept yelling, calling me a bitch & telling me to fuck off, so I took out my phone & snapped a picture of him giving me the finger that you could see his face in. After that I told him if he was to harass anyone else on the bus that I’d call the cops & that I had a clear photograph of his face. I still have it on my phone & I uploaded it to Instagram so that if any of my friends see him they’ll know to keep their distance.


5 thoughts on “Handsy and Footsies

  1. This sounds like the same man who harassed another young woman on the #135 sfu bus. He was rubbing her leg and asking her to marry him, while smoking a cigarette on the bus. She pushed him and he got off immediately at the next stop. Who knows for how long she was being harassed!
    If anyone sees this man doing a similar thing PLEASE GATHER A GROUP OF PEOPLE to get him to stop!

    • I know it may seem futile at times and it is by no means the be-all-end-all answer to these issues, but I also urge you guys to call the police and report this guy. If the police can begin compiling information on him they can have a list of charges by the time they actually catch him – this can show that he has a history of this behaviour. I’m sure the police would be interested in seeing that photo as well!

      In addition to reporting, there clearly has to be more of a concerted effort by law enforcement and educational programs to address this kind of socialized behaviour!

    • Hey! Do you have a link to the picture on your instagram! I want to look out for this guy! Ain’t nobody got time for these things wtf!

  2. People need to stick their neck out and be pro-active like this observer.

    As well, the privacy law in Canada should be amended to make photographing sexual harassment exempt from censure eg legalizing the right for citizens to take pictures of perverts in the act of harassing women.

    This includes taking videos of incidents on buses and the Skytrain and posting them on instagram, twitter and YouTube.

  3. There’s a creepy Italian guy who hangs around the town where I live who sounds like the description you gave. Any chance of a link to your Instagram so I can see if its the same guy?

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