Staring Contest

Once when I was 16, I was riding the 319 with my girlfriend. A man started talking to us, and when he realized that we were a couple, got increasingly creepy, eventually telling us how he would like to take us home with him and fuck us.

When I was 17, I was riding the skytrain and a man sat down next to me, even though there were many other seats available. When he took off his jacket, he brushed my thigh. I thought it was an accident so I ignored it. Then he presented to adjust him pants, and brushed his hand against my thigh again. This time his hand lingered and I was pretty sure it wasn’t an accident, but I was really nervous and scared so I didn’t say anything. Then he put his hand directly on my thigh. We were pulling into another stop, so I ran off the train and switched cars. I was too shaken to say anything.

I am now 23. This summer, I was riding the bus home from a wedding with my girlfriend. She is a transgender woman, and I am a cisgender woman. We were both dressed to the nines, and it was about 11:30. A man in the seat across from us kept staring at us intensely. I looked directly at him multiple time and made eye contact but he kept staring. After making eye contact with him for the fourth or fifth time, a sneer spread across this face. We were both quite frightened and didn’t know how he would react if we asked him to stop staring, since the look on his face was hard to read- it looked like he could be easily incited to violence. Since my partner is trans, this is even more threatening. We didn’t know if he was leering at us as a lesbian couple, or at my partner as a trans woman. As we left the bus, he leaned over to stare at us as we left, and continued craning his neck to stare at us as we walked towards the station. We were worried he would follow us. He didn’t stop staring at us for the entire 40 minute bus ride. He didn’t touch us or say anything, but it was still incredibly frightening.


One thought on “Staring Contest

  1. I had a similar experience with the touching of the thigh although I never did report it. It was a few years ago and I was too afraid . Do you remember what this man looked like?

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