Thugs and Glugs

This didn’t happen to me but its something I observed and have seen before. It was the middle of the day, on Wednesday I think..some weekday at a time when most people would be working anyway. At Lougheed station these two drunken idiots got onto my train car – it was the quintessential case of alpha and beta male, where one guy was taller, more aggressive, etc. and the other was smaller and sort of following and learning from his drunken master. Anyway as the train left they pulled out a 2-6 of vodka and started plowing through it straight, one would have a go then hand it over to the other… in thirty seconds the two of them finished the remaining half bottle before throwing the empty bottle in a corner of the car. The leader of the troop then sat across from an attractive woman listening to music and minding her own business.. he started hitting on her while his friend sat behind him for moral support. Production was my station so I got off and the first train attendant I saw I told them “you need police on that train five minutes ago” and they said the train would be intercepted shortly…so that made me feel better. Anyway, if either of you two idiots ever reads this (assuming you can in fact read): Idiot #2 ..don’t try being like Idiot #1, it doesn’t make you look cool in any way. And Idiot #1, get help, and re-evaluate your life.. Wednesday at 3pm is no time to be wasted on the skytrain.


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