And Sleazy Makes Three? (18/f)

My girlfriend and I were waiting for the 16 downtown on a Friday night around 10.30. We’re both 18 and my girlfriend looks a little younger. We were huddled together because it was cold and we’d been standing there for close to twenty minutes when we noticed a strange guy in his late 20’s shaved hair and about 5’9 walked towards us. He was well dressed in a dark suit so at first we thought nothing of it until he walked straight up to us put a hand on either of our arms and smiled and said with a scary look in his eyes ‘beautiful’. I glared and he walked a little distance away, my girlfriend and I stood slightly apart and moved closer towards the stop. Thankfully the bus came soon after but the man followed us onto the bus. He sat directly in front of us and leaned in far too close and stared at my girlfriend as she talked on the phone. I could tell something was off about him so when he was turned away I got my girlfriend up and we moved to the back of the bus. We tried to sit at the back of the bus (which was very crowded) and he moved to follow us. He sat next to my girlfriend and said ‘Come back to my condo with me, I can make you both comfortable.’ We both sternly replied no but he continued even offering to pay for a cab back. At this point took out my phone and texted my dad asking him to meet us at the bus stop at Victoria and Hastings. I feared the guy would follow us off the bus and the area is not very well lit and right next to a large school and playing field. Luckily the guy caught on to what I was doing and several other passengers were observing him and he got off the bus a few stops before us. It was so unnerving that he had absolutely no fear in attempting to get two young girls to come home with him even on a crowded bus!


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