The Bard of the Bicep

I was taking the bus home from tea with a friend. I was sitting in a paired seat, alone, listening to music and texting.
This strange old man in his 60’s sat next to me, and then tapped my ankle.
Assuming this was a somewhat inept gesture to inform me that I was taking too much space, I shuffled further into my corner. He tapped me again. Certain that I was not at fault, I looked at him. Perhaps there was some other problem.
He pulled off my ear phones and began telling me about how he works out. I ignored him and continued my conversation with my sister.
He grabbed my hands and put them on his bicep. Then he recited “erotic” poetry to me, kissing my hands until I ran off the bus.

This is one in a series of many bus harassment stories.


One thought on “The Bard of the Bicep

  1. Was this along Broadway around Granville? If so, there have been many complaints about this man on the 14, 9, and 99. He will pull out his ID showing his age and go on and on about his workouts keeping him young. (too bad I’ve never looked to get his name) I watched a really young woman very firmly tell him to F Off and get his hands off her one day + first he said he was just an old man trying to tell people how to stay healthy, and then he got off the bus. Afterward she told me how sick she is of getting off the bus every time some creep makes her feel scared + a bunch of healthcare workers on their way to VGH all started talking about this guy.

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