(Phone) Line of Defense

So on monday, 18th November, I was on the way home at night when a man got in the train I was at. We were both alone in the cabin but I was on the phone with a friend. The train was about to reach my stop when I caught a reflection of him through the window trying to reach me. I quickly moved away from him and told my friend to stay on the line. Reported him just as I reached home; really want him to get caught. He looks like the UBC sexual offender that police are trying to catch. Though he is pretty clean shaved and white. He looks crazy and weird. He gave me a chill down my spine. And as I left the train, he looked at me and smirked. 

I am really lucky that I was on the phone and so he didn’t do anything. Please girls, if you are going home late, call someone and talk to them. Or if you are alone in a cabin with a man, leave and get into another train. 

I really hope he gets caught.


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