Rude-y Horror Transit Show (18/f)

Myself and my partner were waiting for the skytrain at Brentwood Town Centre on Halloween. We were on our way to Rocky Horror Picture Show. A man was standing, waiting nearby. He approached us and, clearly drunk, asked if we were lesbians, to which we replied, ‘Yes’. He then left us alone for a bit, until the train arrived, and he got onto the same car as we did. He saw a group of students who had a bottle of alcohol with them and asked if he could buy some off of them. They, clearly startled, said that he could, but that they didn’t have a cup. He then found a dirty cup on the floor and told them to pour it in there.

After receiving his alcohol, he spotted us again. He approached us again and asked “Do you eat out each others’ pussies?” to which my partner responded that that was a very rude question to ask. He then asked if we would kiss for him, to which she said no. He then asked why, and my partner responded, “Because we don’t kiss each other for other people’s enjoyment”. He seemed a bit more timid after that, and did not talk to us again.

I was silent the entire time, and in awe of my girlfriend’s bravery. It was my first year living in Vancouver after coming from a small town, and it was completely terrifying.

I was 18 at the time, while my partner was 20. Both of us identify as cis-women. And on a happier note, 6 years later, we are still together, and she is still badass!


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