Creeping the Sleeping

This happened on Monday November 25, 2013. I was on the 99B-line (towards Boundary) bus that left UBC at 5:02 (as scheduled).

I was sitting outside of a two seater and in front of me was only a one seater next to my window so I was free to stretch my legs out. I was having knee pains so I can’t exactly bend my knee inwards.

This senior (white hair, big belly, blue cap and blue shirt) got on the bus and tapped on my shoe telling me to move it back. I quickly apologized saying I had knee pains but I moved both my shoes back.

To my astonishment, it turns out that the senior was taking advantage of the poor girl sitting on the single seater next to the window in front of me. He was standing very close to her to the point that his belly and genitals were rubbing on the girls arm. The girl was asleep and didn’t retaliate but from my point of view I was absolutely disgusted so I asked the senior if he wanted my seat so he could stay away from the girl but he said “No” in an annoyed tone. Space wasn’t an issue in this case as there was room around him to stand away a respectable distance from the girl sitting.

After two minutes and much deliberation, I stood up and ushered him to take my seat and then he got very upset saying I can’t force him to sit. At this point he was very pissed off, but I calmly told him even if you don’t want my seat you need to give me my personal space to stand up and to step away from the girl who you’re standing very close to.

At that point, he understood my hint and moved away from the girl but he was clearly annoyed and started calling me names. I told him my action was common courtesy for seniors.

Luckily others stepped in and told him that it was nice gesture from a gentlemen but he wasn’t having any of it. It was clear that he stood there to take advantage of the poor girl who was unaware of her surrounding.

Ladies! Please I ask you.. when taking public transit sleeping or not sleeping, please protect yourselves out there. I am not victim blaming anyone, but there are predators out there looking to take advantage at any moment.

FYI, I’m a male but regardless of my gender I think its absolutely important for people to stand up against abuse. I understand it may have been dangerous for me to step in and intervene, but for the sake of the girl’s well-being it had to be done.


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