Transit Police Campaign Against Sexual Harassment

Hi folks!

The transit police have been working on a campaign to combat sexual harassment on public transit and both hosted a forum and created an accompanying video.

The video provides a brief overview of current and upcoming resources and the transit police hope that it will encourage people to report incidents more often and know that they are being seriously considered. 

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Transit Police Campaign Against Sexual Harassment

  1. You say you care about harassment. The bus driver who told me he couldn’t do anything while I was being VERY sexually harassed determined that was a lie.

  2. If a bus driver or other attendant staff refuse to call Transit Police or Transit Security, get as much info as possible and file a complaint. Do this of course after calling 911 if your safety is in jeopardy. Transit Police and Transit Security have the power to intervene, other transit staff are supposed to call them if you request it or they see something happening.

  3. That video was unbelievable! First off, based on all the stories on here, Transit and the police should have apologized for not taking harassment seriously in the past and made it clear that in the future, these issues will be addressed promptly and properly.

    Secondly, I disagree with the video: it shows rather tame situations and offers a generic solution for every one! Self defense is not black and white: it’s about making the best decision you can with the information available (e.g. approached by a drunk guy on a crowded train transit versus creepy guy at a secluded bus stop…these are very different situations and should be handled in very different ways).

    Most importantly: the video of the women slapping the men’s hands away? That is a red flag to me and the police should know better. That will piss the guy off and that furthers the physical contact with the guy (opens the door for them to get more physical with you). Publicly shaming a guy (e.g. shouting STOP TOUCHING ME) is usually the best course for your typical transit pervert, but getting physical seems a poor choice unless actually defending yourself (he is attacking you, pushing/pulling you into a secluded area or vehicle).

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