“When you see me get defensive, stay away!” (18/F)

I’ve had lot of awful experience in my life (abused and molested) that makes me scared of men nowadays. I’ll share about 4 out of many stories.
First harassment on Translink was when I was 14. After Christmas shopping, I was sitting on the old train with my mom and sister. This old man who appears to be drunk, sat across from me. He kept stare at me for 15 minutes straight. It was beginning to really creeping me out and starting to make me fearful. But awhile later, I took a good look at him and realized he wasn’t looking at me but my chest. I come from a family that have large breasts so it’s hard to cover the entire thing up. I just glared at him and zipped up my jacket all of the way up. That’s when the old man realized I saw him, he got off the next stop.
Second when I was 17, I was heading off to Fright Night with my little step-brother. A man who appears to be drunk and high came to me at Langley Centre. (I was waiting for my step-brother to meet me) He began to talk to me but due to my hearing loss, I couldn’t say go away and I want to understand people first. I’ve deal with lot of drunk people in the past so I took out paper and pen. He began to chat with me normal but he began to ask personal question and flirting. He was getting touchy and close. I kept getting twitchy because of my past. I kept move seat but he still come closer. I was getting uncomfortable. When my little step-brother came, I gave him a sisterly hug. The drunk man noticed and began to ask my step-brother and his friend questions. I’ve never felt so much of rage filling inside me. I wanted to pull my step-brother and his friend away but my step-brother’s friend seem to know what he’s saying because the drunk man finally left us alone after a while. The drunk man grinned at me while standing at the line then ended up vomiting on the bus stop floor while his friends laughs at him. My step-brother was like ‘oh eh, hey at least he stopped talk to you’.
Third story was after Protest the Hero concert in Vancouver, I got on the wrong bus which ended up landing me in Newton, surrey.  I cried in the rain, the drunk man came up to me and began to ask me questions. I wasn’t definitely in mood to be nice so I told him to f*ck off. He grinned then started to flirt, placing his hand on my arm.. I slammed it away. He still refused to give up and he tired to touch my hip to gesture me in the shed which I told him to back off and gave him the stop gesture. I twitched the entire time and was scared. The bus driver definitely noticed and he drove forward to let me in. I got in and couldn’t stop crying til I got to home.
Fourth one was just last week. I got on the bus to heading to work from Braid Station, man sat two seats across from me. As long as men aren’t too close, I’m ok with that. I kept get the funny feeling that somebody was staring at me and I looked around… just to find man beside me was looking up and down at me. He moved slowly at me while still staring. I twitched and felt uncomfortable. I decided that I couldn’t handle this anymore so I moved seats from back to front. He STILL stares at me from the back. I was getting frustrated with it but luckily the next stop was my stop so I got off and told my trainer. He was pissed. I ended up on same bus as man and he sat beside me again but I growled and glared at him. So he actually left after one stop.
I can’t wait to get my full license so I can stop go on the bus. This is getting ridiculous.

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