The Crude Mating Display of the Intoxicated Bus Patron (26/f)

I was taking transit home from Vancouver and on my way to Burnaby. I got off at New West station and was waiting for the bus in the underground bus loop. It was around midnight and I had to wait about half an hour for the next bus. I’m always a little wary of this bus loop because it is pretty secluded and I haven’t noticed that there are any cameras around this designated area (something I’m always on the look out for). As I walked up to the bus stop I noticed another woman waiting so I felt a little better that I wasn’t alone. Then a man came up and we made brief eye contact before I went back to reading the book I was carrying. Within a few minutes I heard the man make a phone call and telling the person he was speaking to about three different times in the two minute conversation that he was “On the hunt…,” or “Looking for some p****.” I had a feeling he was trying to make me and this woman uncomfortable, but I just ignored it and kept my eyes on my book. Gradually a couple of other people started showing up to the platform. In my effort to be aware of my surroundings, I looked up and around at the bus stop, and happened to make eye contact with this vile human being again, and as soon as I did, he stuck his tongue out at me and proceeded to make an obscene gesture. It happened instantly and it seemed as if he had been watching me the whole time just waiting for me to look up at him. I gave him a look of repulsion and got back to my book. I was just mortified and haven’t been able to get his ugly mug out of my head. I’ve had worse, and witnessed worse things happen on transit, but something about this guy and his action made me feel so vulnerable and sick.  I felt like I wanted to tell him off but at the same time I didn’t want to provoke him since I could tell he had been drinking and was concerned about what he might do or say in the absence of any security.


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