Wary Witness

This is not recent, but I’ve just heard on the radio that you are interested in these stories, and I have two incidents which really bothered me. This one occurred about 5 years ago on one of the trolley buses leaving UBC. We were somewhere on 10th and a woman got on with a stroller with a child in it. She was Filipino or Latina, and the child was more fair skinned, but could have been hers. The child was about 3 years old. An older woman, with grey hair, but maybe in her late 50s or early 60s and dressed like an ex-hippy (big woolly sweater, grey hair in a pony tail), began to harass the woman with the stroller. the older woman was sitting in the first seats, reserved for handicapped folks, so the woman with the stroller was standing right there. The older woman began to say, in a very loud voice, that in her day they didn’t carry children – that it was ridiculous to push children in strollers. She went on and on and on, getting more and more extreme. She was essentially brow beating the woman with the stroller. The woman with the stroller did not answer. The bus was not crowded but there were many people around and we were all staring at the abusive woman. It was intolerable. The woman with the stroller got more and more red in the face. I feel very ashamed that I did nothing. The woman with the stroller got off, maybe around MacDonald. I have no idea what I should have done or could have done. I had a similar thing happen where I was assaulted on a bus (physically) and the driver did nothing, mostly because he as unaware (but the bus was too packed for him to have known).


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