Northern Exposure (31/f)

This morning (Dec 30,2013) at approximately 7:30am I was riding on the Expo Line East bound and at around 29th Avenue a younger guy maybe around 20 sat across and over from me. I didn’t pay too much attention until I saw him out of the corner of my eye staring and winking/smiling at me all the while with “member” fully exposed. He continued to try to get my attention while touching himself. I stood up and said something like what was his problem and hit the safety strip and also went on the speaker for assistance. Skytrain security was there at the next stop but he was too quick and took off. I take the train every day and I was seriously freaked out. Unfortunately not many people were riding today. I think there should be more visible cameras on the trains. I cant even remember what he looked like, I was so caught off guard and kind of panicked to get away.
I am 31, Female, Caucasian.


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