Wave of Discomfort (20/F)

This happened to me today as I was heading home on the Expo line, around 2 pm.  I got on the skytrain (the old red, blue, white ones) at Commercial station and sat in one of the single seats right by the doors.  At Nanaimo I believe, an older man (East Indian, perhaps?) got on and sat on the outer seat of the double seats right next to me so that my right side was facing him.  Right after I boarded I had put my headphones in and simply stared out the door windows as the train made its way.
It wasn’t until after we left Edmonds that I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye.  Without thinking twice I turned my head a mere centimeter just so I could see what it was.  Now this is the part where I got so shocked I’m still trying to remember if I saw things correctly.  The man I mentioned earlier had his penis out in broad daylight and was waving it around in his hand!  I’m so sorry for the graphic detail but I’m 99% sure that is what I saw.  It took me a millisecond to process what was going on and I instantly averted my eyes, keeping my face as neutral as possible.  I don’t know if he saw me but I didn’t dare to look again .  I scanned the rest of the cart to see if anyone else had noticed but unfortunately the cart was less than half full and people were spread out.  I couldn’t bring myself to look again to make sure that was indeed what I saw but I was so uncomfortable that I got off at 22nd station and waited for the next train.  There was a skytrain attendant on the platform but I was a bit traumatized so I didn’t approach her and tell her what happened, although I really should have, looking back now.
Now I have been down to Wreck Beach before so I’ve seen my fair share of strangers’ genitalia in public.  But this, this was just completely and utterly obscene.  WHY would anyone do that on the skytrain in the middle of the day?  The most surprising thing was that no one else noticed but me!  And since this was the old model there weren’t even security cameras on board.  As a 20 year old female student who has to commute everyday to and from school I don’t want to have to worry every time a male sits near or next to me that they might repeat what this man did!


One thought on “Wave of Discomfort (20/F)

  1. I have had this happen to me on the bus, in the past, and in a park, and, the first thought is “no way, I was wrong, I couldn’t have possibly seen that!” but you’re NOT wrong and that man was taking advantage of both you being female and young. There is a typical victim to who they choose to expose themselves too. Never older women (believe me, my sister, she’d rip the offending appendage off)!

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