Fiendish Filmographer

I got video taped at around 9.30am Sunday morning 5th of January at commercial Broadway sky train station.  This guy was clearly video taping me while I was waiting for a friend.  I realised this only when I moved and so did he with his phone in his right hand in his outstretched arm. He is tall, dark/tanned skin of Philippines/vietnamese descent.  He followed me again today this time I was in the train and he outside on the waterfront platform. I thought all women should be aware of this creep.
As for his phone it was red/maroon in colour. He wore a black Tuque, jeans and a black jacket with a zipper.o
Totally scared and being vigilant now. Im checking to see if I am being followed. This is not how I want to feel.

2 thoughts on “Fiendish Filmographer

  1. Please stay safe girl! Ins think women should be allowed to take pepper spray/ tazer classes so temheu can legally carry protection. We are defenseless and nobody cares.

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