Project Global Guardian

Yesterday, the founders of this blog attended a press conference with the Transit Police, in support of their participation in Project Global Guardian. This campaign seeks to bring international attention to the issue of sexual harassment and assault on public transit; other transit policing forces from Boston (MA), London (UK) and Washington (D.C.) are also involved.

We are extremely pleased with the response of the Transit Police to this particular problem–they are making it one of their primary focuses over the next year. They have officially launched their texting initiative (87-77-77 for non-emergency situations. Please text your location, description and a description of the perp if you are using this service) and have announced the imminent launch of their On Duty mobile app, both of which are intended to simplify discreet reporting.

Reporting offences of this nature is an initial step in demonstrating the unacceptability of harassment and assault. If you See Something (or if something happens to you), we implore you to Say Something.


Vancouver Sun’s article on the project:

CBC Video featuring yours(x2) truly:


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