6 thoughts on “Intervention (m, bystander account, warning: violent)

  1. Hi there. When did this happen? I am trying to see what happened so I can let you know. Also, was it the RCMP that called you? Because either New Westminster PD or Transit Police would have investigated the incident. Thank you!

  2. Kicking a person with steel toed shoes and throwing hot coffee on them when they did not threaten you is aggravated assault, a very serious criminal code violation. I commend you for coming to the aid of the woman who appeared to have been assaulted. But is important to focus on the victim not to be seen as seeking retribution.

    • Ok, tried to reply to this earlier but I don’t think it worked. Are you nuts? Aggravated assault?? He knocked her onto the bloody tracks where she could have been killed?? Loads of witnesses around too. That piece of shit threw his rights out the window when he began abusing and beating a stranger for no other reason than (it seems like) her gender and the colour of her skin. What this person did was the RIGHT thing to do. I’m glad there are people willing to take a stand. Thank you

  3. New West PD called me, as I’d left my number with a station attendant. But as it was winter and the guy was bundled up and had his hood, I couldn’t give much of a description.

    This was December 2006.

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