The Most Chivalrous Dirtbag (17/f)

I had recently turned 17 and was taking a bus downtown with my parents and three younger siblings.  It was the middle of summer and rush hour so everyone was packed onto the bus. When we boarded the bus, an old man who appeared to look homeless was sitting in the chair behind the driver’s seat on the left side of the bus.  He got off and offered the chair to my little brother, which I thought was odd considering there were older people on the bus he could’ve given it to.  He switched places with my brother and stood behind me.  For the first few minutes of the bus ride, every time the bus would stop or turn a corner, I felt something hard bump into my lower back.  I thought it was just someone brushing against me by accident, but soon enough, his hands started to touch my waist and he even tried putting his fingers in the waistband of my jeans.  I realized that the hard thing in my lower back was his boner, and was too embarrassed to say anything especially since my parents were on the bus and had thanked the man for giving my brother his seat.  I endured this for about 20 minutes before we got off the bus, when I told my dad what had happened.  My dad asked why I didn’t say anything so he could beat the guy up, which is why I didn’t say anything.  I didn’t want to be the reason behind a conflict, even though I know it’s not my fault this man targeted me.  I still think of it (I’m 20 now) and always try to sit on buses instead of stand, although I know that wont prevent other men from trying to touch me.

P.S. This project is great and I’m so glad I found this blog where I can read stories about other women similar to mine. Thanks!


No-Courtesy Seating

So late last night I`m at Bridgeport station, where I board my bus heading to White Rock. A man is the first to board the bus before I board, I take my seat and try to get settled in my seating area with heavy bags in tow. The bus I board is a “highway” style bus, (a more comfortable version of a bus with adjustable seats that recline for rider comfort). I recline my seat (as I always do), while I attempt to settle into my space…………..The man who boarded the bus ahead of me and is now seated behind me. Suddenly I see this arm reach from behind (between the wall of the bus and my seat), grabbing the function control on my seat (for reclining) and forces my seat back to the upright position. Taken back by this rude and intrusive maneuver, I quickly respond by reinstating my seat back to the original reclined position I had placed it in. I turn to make eye contact with the rude man (that just violated my personal space). He quickly once more, forces my seat upright. I once again quickly recline my seat where it was. Using his body, this very rude man forces his knees up against my seat (blocking my ability to recline my seat). I force my seat back into a recline position (the way I originally had it). This man raises his voice at me making a huge scene as people are boarding the bus. At this point he now springs out of his seat so he is facing my right side, and starts grabbing my personal property and trying to pull my belongings off the seat beside me. I`m a 49 yr. old disabled woman, I have arthritis riddled through my entire body, not to mention severe shoulder injuries from a previous M.V.A. I am in chronic pain and this man is grabbing my already heavy bags and pulling them off my seat. I hang on to my property vigilantly, this tug of war induced strain and pain to my already injured parts. This very rude man then attempts for sit on top of my personal belongs, all while shouting at me and causing a huge commotion on the bus. I asked this man if he was mentally ill. I couldn`t believe how this man was going to the extreme to get in my face. I didn`t know exactly how crazy this lunatic was, so I tried to stay calm and quiet. Other passengers were looking at him like what`s your problem buddy. Eventually this awful rude man changed his seat and moved a seat further away, while still uttering insults at me. The bus driver pulled away from the bay only after the man stopped running his mouth off at me. When I arrived at home I called the police and filed a report about this man harassing me. The constable I spoke with, informed me that if an incident of this nature every happens again in the future, I am to alert the bus driver to summon the police at once. If I`m ever unfortunate to get harassed by this rude self entitled being again while riding on the bus, there will definitely will be police involvement. I have the right like all passengers to ride the bus safe from harassment of any kind.