Called That Creep Out

I was molested just tonight by an old man (maybe 50-60 years old), with white hair, facial hair, and a black suit. He was carrying a black folder or briefcase with him. We got on the same 351 bus at Bridgeport, heading towards Crescent Beach, at 8:45pm. I sat first near the front of the bus since I find it easier to get off for my stop that way. Out of all the empty seats in the front, he chose the seat next to mine. At first, I didn’t think of anything… but it was hard not to.

I was previously raped by someone nearly 3 years ago, and I am constantly paranoid, thinking that every man who sits next to me or even looks at me is going to either rape or molest me. I’ve already experienced 4 instances where men would molest me on the skytrain or bus. So you can imagine all the thoughts I would have when he presses his entire body against mine and starts to place his hands a little too low.. He kept on looking at me, as if to check if I was asleep. I sure as hell would never fall asleep with someone like that sitting next to me. He then shifted his body and placed his briefcase on his lap with one hand underneath it. I started to feel something on my leg. To be honest, I just wanted to believe in the good of others and think that it was only his briefcase. But it was apparent that they were fingers. His fingers.. snaking his way into my crotch. He got halfway across my leg slowly, and I finally turned to him and asked him in a confident manner, “What are you doing?” I didn’t get up from my seat.. I was terrified. I made myself seem like none of this affected me, but I did sit upright and turn on the overhead light. He looked at me, scared, and sat there, pretending he didn’t do anything wrong. He got off at South Surrey Park and Ride Bay 3 (the stop after the highway) with his car keys at 9:09pm. I started to cry and couldn’t even tell the bus driver what was wrong before I got off at my stop just minutes after..

I told Transit Police after I got home (when my boyfriend told me about this website and I found the information I needed). Ladies, if you see someone like this and he traps you in your seat, you yell at him when he tries something suspicious and you make it known. I felt like I was too scared to do something like that, but at least I let him know that I KNOW what he’s doing to me. Don’t let them know that you’re scared.


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