Mumbling, Stumbling, Following

It was about 7am and I was doing my daily routine. Get up real early, stop and get a coffee, go to King George Station skytrain to columbia transfer and then off to school I go. I never have any issues, my dad taught me how to take care of myself. There was a guy and I have anxieties towards brown people for personal reasons but I’m working really hard on not pushing them into a group of all pigs. He was slurring his words but it was a Wednesday I thought either he was on drugs or handicap because I’ve dealt with drugs and disabilities my whole life. I wasn’t going to be rude because of any of that so we had small talk on the skytrain. At Columbia he continued to follow me, because I take the same route everyday and love to socialize I know all the regular staff working at the stations so I knew how to get the securities attention without him noticing after he fell down the stairs on me which I would like to add I haven’t used stairs since because I’m so tiny and he was a full grown man. Turned out he was actually drunk. He didn’t smell like booze and the thought didn’t cross my mind considering it was a Wednesday morning at 7am all connecting lines are the most dangerous because that’s where all the stations can meet up.. Male, brown, leather jacket, spiked hair


Pissed Off

I reported one instance of being an observer of a verbal assault; I had a very uncomfortable experience coming in from Coquitlam on the Millenium line about about 12:30 a.m. about 6 years ago. My two friends and I were the only people on the car after about Sperling. Four young men got on. They were very drunk and were joking and being loud and obnoxious and looking at us a lot. My two friends were a gay male couple. One of the four men eventually got out his X and began urinating in the car. His friends laughed heartily. I would have reached for the report bar, but they were watching us for reaction. I felt too vulnerable, especially with my friends being gay. We tried to pretend we didn’t see. We all got off at Broadway. We let them go ahead. I wish there was a more discreet way to report- maybe the texting will work.

“When you see me get defensive, stay away!” (18/F)

I’ve had lot of awful experience in my life (abused and molested) that makes me scared of men nowadays. I’ll share about 4 out of many stories.
First harassment on Translink was when I was 14. After Christmas shopping, I was sitting on the old train with my mom and sister. This old man who appears to be drunk, sat across from me. He kept stare at me for 15 minutes straight. It was beginning to really creeping me out and starting to make me fearful. But awhile later, I took a good look at him and realized he wasn’t looking at me but my chest. I come from a family that have large breasts so it’s hard to cover the entire thing up. I just glared at him and zipped up my jacket all of the way up. That’s when the old man realized I saw him, he got off the next stop.
Second when I was 17, I was heading off to Fright Night with my little step-brother. A man who appears to be drunk and high came to me at Langley Centre. (I was waiting for my step-brother to meet me) He began to talk to me but due to my hearing loss, I couldn’t say go away and I want to understand people first. I’ve deal with lot of drunk people in the past so I took out paper and pen. He began to chat with me normal but he began to ask personal question and flirting. He was getting touchy and close. I kept getting twitchy because of my past. I kept move seat but he still come closer. I was getting uncomfortable. When my little step-brother came, I gave him a sisterly hug. The drunk man noticed and began to ask my step-brother and his friend questions. I’ve never felt so much of rage filling inside me. I wanted to pull my step-brother and his friend away but my step-brother’s friend seem to know what he’s saying because the drunk man finally left us alone after a while. The drunk man grinned at me while standing at the line then ended up vomiting on the bus stop floor while his friends laughs at him. My step-brother was like ‘oh eh, hey at least he stopped talk to you’.
Third story was after Protest the Hero concert in Vancouver, I got on the wrong bus which ended up landing me in Newton, surrey.  I cried in the rain, the drunk man came up to me and began to ask me questions. I wasn’t definitely in mood to be nice so I told him to f*ck off. He grinned then started to flirt, placing his hand on my arm.. I slammed it away. He still refused to give up and he tired to touch my hip to gesture me in the shed which I told him to back off and gave him the stop gesture. I twitched the entire time and was scared. The bus driver definitely noticed and he drove forward to let me in. I got in and couldn’t stop crying til I got to home.
Fourth one was just last week. I got on the bus to heading to work from Braid Station, man sat two seats across from me. As long as men aren’t too close, I’m ok with that. I kept get the funny feeling that somebody was staring at me and I looked around… just to find man beside me was looking up and down at me. He moved slowly at me while still staring. I twitched and felt uncomfortable. I decided that I couldn’t handle this anymore so I moved seats from back to front. He STILL stares at me from the back. I was getting frustrated with it but luckily the next stop was my stop so I got off and told my trainer. He was pissed. I ended up on same bus as man and he sat beside me again but I growled and glared at him. So he actually left after one stop.
I can’t wait to get my full license so I can stop go on the bus. This is getting ridiculous.

Rude-y Horror Transit Show (18/f)

Myself and my partner were waiting for the skytrain at Brentwood Town Centre on Halloween. We were on our way to Rocky Horror Picture Show. A man was standing, waiting nearby. He approached us and, clearly drunk, asked if we were lesbians, to which we replied, ‘Yes’. He then left us alone for a bit, until the train arrived, and he got onto the same car as we did. He saw a group of students who had a bottle of alcohol with them and asked if he could buy some off of them. They, clearly startled, said that he could, but that they didn’t have a cup. He then found a dirty cup on the floor and told them to pour it in there.

After receiving his alcohol, he spotted us again. He approached us again and asked “Do you eat out each others’ pussies?” to which my partner responded that that was a very rude question to ask. He then asked if we would kiss for him, to which she said no. He then asked why, and my partner responded, “Because we don’t kiss each other for other people’s enjoyment”. He seemed a bit more timid after that, and did not talk to us again.

I was silent the entire time, and in awe of my girlfriend’s bravery. It was my first year living in Vancouver after coming from a small town, and it was completely terrifying.

I was 18 at the time, while my partner was 20. Both of us identify as cis-women. And on a happier note, 6 years later, we are still together, and she is still badass!

Thugs and Glugs

This didn’t happen to me but its something I observed and have seen before. It was the middle of the day, on Wednesday I think..some weekday at a time when most people would be working anyway. At Lougheed station these two drunken idiots got onto my train car – it was the quintessential case of alpha and beta male, where one guy was taller, more aggressive, etc. and the other was smaller and sort of following and learning from his drunken master. Anyway as the train left they pulled out a 2-6 of vodka and started plowing through it straight, one would have a go then hand it over to the other… in thirty seconds the two of them finished the remaining half bottle before throwing the empty bottle in a corner of the car. The leader of the troop then sat across from an attractive woman listening to music and minding her own business.. he started hitting on her while his friend sat behind him for moral support. Production was my station so I got off and the first train attendant I saw I told them “you need police on that train five minutes ago” and they said the train would be intercepted shortly…so that made me feel better. Anyway, if either of you two idiots ever reads this (assuming you can in fact read): Idiot #2 ..don’t try being like Idiot #1, it doesn’t make you look cool in any way. And Idiot #1, get help, and re-evaluate your life.. Wednesday at 3pm is no time to be wasted on the skytrain.

Masked Harassment

The Saturday before Halloween I was with my friends on the skytrain, on our way to a restaurant. A group of drunken young men, wearing heavy costume makeup were being disruptive, and a general nuisance to everyone on the train. One of them walked up to me and stuck his crotch near my face and started pelvis thrusting. I told him to stop and he laughed and walked away. When we got off at our stop I told the transit security, but instead of taking me seriously, she told me and another woman complaining, to calm down. The transit security did absolutely nothing about the problem letting the drunken men who also got off at the same stop, walk past us and off of the platform. It seems as if during Halloween, people can get away with the most ludicrous behaviour just because they are hiding behind a mask or makeup.

All Dressed Up/Nowhere To Go

About a year ago I was taking the 99 B-line to my work at around 10 in the morning, I worked on main at the time. On this morning I decided to sit at the far back seat so I could look out the window as I traveled, but at about Granville (I think) two loud and obviously drunk men in their mid or late 20’s got on and stood in the isle, anyone knows that if people get on the bus like this and you make eye contact with them you are usually the person they will target, anyways this slipped my mind and for a split second one made eye contact with me and the next thing i new they were sitting next to me. I immediately began to regret taking the back window seat as i would now have to squeeze past these idiots before being able to get off. Admittedly I have an unusual fashion sense and have been teased about it for years by people like this and that day was no exception. These two started in asking “why you so dressed up?” and such questions which I tried to be as polite in answering as much as dismissive, I did not want to talk to them. After a short time I decided I had had enough and tried to get up, but they didn’t make it easy, as soon as i was standing they got more aggressive, “Look at this dressed up piece of shit like some sort of brokeback mountain fag”, at this point one of the guys threw a box at my back but I refused to turn around and participate. I turned to one woman on the bus who was trying to let them know what idiots they were and I let her know this is a regular thing for me and it happens more than one might think. luckily I didn’t turn around with the motivation of beating the worthless snot out of these punks as this would have only made things worse, instead I calmly left the bus after briefly turning to bid them a good life being douches. Thanks to this event I was so shaken when I got to work my boss confused my withdrawn and upset condition with some sort of spite towards her and I was fired. This story isn’t as dramatic or nearly as important as some of the other stories I have read but it played a very pivotal part in my life and i have never been able fully relax on the bus since.