Mumbling, Stumbling, Following

It was about 7am and I was doing my daily routine. Get up real early, stop and get a coffee, go to King George Station skytrain to columbia transfer and then off to school I go. I never have any issues, my dad taught me how to take care of myself. There was a guy and I have anxieties towards brown people for personal reasons but I’m working really hard on not pushing them into a group of all pigs. He was slurring his words but it was a Wednesday I thought either he was on drugs or handicap because I’ve dealt with drugs and disabilities my whole life. I wasn’t going to be rude because of any of that so we had small talk on the skytrain. At Columbia he continued to follow me, because I take the same route everyday and love to socialize I know all the regular staff working at the stations so I knew how to get the securities attention without him noticing after he fell down the stairs on me which I would like to add I haven’t used stairs since because I’m so tiny and he was a full grown man. Turned out he was actually drunk. He didn’t smell like booze and the thought didn’t cross my mind considering it was a Wednesday morning at 7am all connecting lines are the most dangerous because that’s where all the stations can meet up.. Male, brown, leather jacket, spiked hair


Transphobic Transit

I am a 22-year-old trans* woman living in Surrey, and rather poor so I’m very very slowly getting together new clothes and accessories for transitioning. One of the first nights I went out presenting as a woman, some guys on the platform at King George apparently thought my not-very-good presentation was somehow funny, since they were pointing and laughing at me, which I could see even though I couldn’t hear them due to my headphones. I was really, really glad that they started walking to the other end of the platform as the train pulled up, and also that I was going out so I didn’t have to worry about being followed home or anything.

I don’t know if I’m ever going to be comfortable on transit now, unless I’m in that very front seat on the Skytrain where I can just ignore everyone else.