Left Out In The Cold

I hopped on the 325 bus yesterday outside Chermside Library to head toward Geebung Station when I was told off by the bus driver for not smiling at her. When I realised she was talking to me; as I had wondered in absentmindedly and tapped on without really thinking about it, I went went back to ask her to explain herself to which she demanded I show some polite courtesy and acknowledge she actually stopped to pick me up. When I tried to explain that just because I had forgotten to smile did not give her the right to make snide remarks to a customer she told me and I quote, ” Just remember I did not have to pick you up”. When I asked her what that was suppose to mean she refused to give me an answer instead she requested I take my seat and made an effort to whistle tunelessly for the rest of the journey. I was waiting at the right bus stop, I was not behaving drunk and disorderly, I had tapped on before taking a seat and had only made enquiries pertaining to her offensive behavior. I had to stand in the rain and wait for the bus for 40 minutes because the first bus I hailed down refused to stop for me. So unless I’m mistaken she was implying she didn’t have to pick black people like me up so I should be grateful and keep quiet when she throw jeers at me in front of other passengers. Of course she only gave me a smiled when I asked and refused to say anymore after that so its anybodies guess.


5 thoughts on “Left Out In The Cold

  1. So sorry for this upset. Please on Monday, call TransLink and give them all this information. It is certainly warranted for this driver to be spoken to about attitude. If I knew you, I’d give you a hug.
    From someone who uses transit a lot and even though it’s a hard job bussing folks around, there’s no need for nasty comments as you received, I would complain if this happened to me.
    There will be a serious look at this incident.
    Take care.
    From a North Vancouver lady.

  2. Is Chermside in the GVA? It doesn’t sound like a library in the Greater Vancouver Area. Remember that anyone anywhere in the world can post to this site.

  3. That is incredibly unprofessional behaviour on the part of the bus driver, but to attribute it to racism seems to be a little out there.

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