Scary Queries

I experienced several uncomfortable incidents on transit before I broke down and bought a car so I could get to work without being harassed during my commute.

The incident that really shook me involved a man who sat next to me during my daily commute home from North Vancouver (I took the same bus at the same time for about a year). He told me how he’s always seen me on the bus but has never had a chance to talk to me, and even though I had my eyes closed with music in he still tried to keep a conversation going. He asked me my name (I gave him a fake one), where I lived, where I worked, where I was born, etc. etc. I lied about everything, and had it not been such a crowded or long route I would have either moved or told him I didn’t want to talk…but I felt trapped so I had to sit there for 30 minutes and take it.

This man freaked me out so much that I started taking a different – longer – way home so I didn’t have to deal with him. Thank God I bought a car.


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